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Tree Plantation Paragraph In 150, 200, 300 words

Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree Plantation Paragraph In 150 Words

Tree plantations mean planting more trees in a planned manner. Trees are very important for the environment. They are our best friends. Trees give us oxygen, shelter, shade, food, fruit, etc. They help our environment in many ways. They prevent soil erosion and make our land fertile. Trees protect us from salinity, floods, cyclones, etc. If there are no trees, our country will turn into a desert. Different types of natural disasters will occur. People will suffer from a lack of food, shade, and oxygen. A country must have at least 25% of its land covered by forest. But our country does not have enough forests.

So, we should take the necessary steps to plant more trees. People should be aware that they should plant more trees. Mass media such as TV and radio can play an important role in this regard. We need to plant more trees to lead a peaceful life.

Tree Plantation Paragraph In 150 Words

Tree plantations mean planting more trees. Trees are our true friends. There are very few friends in the world who give us favors without expecting something in return. But trees give us many favors without any interest. They give us the oxygen that we need to survive. The carbon dioxide we release is harmful to the environment. Trees save our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. In the summer, when it is very hot all around, one can find tranquility under the tree. We get food from trees. Trees are also needed to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. Excessive deforestation causes climate change. As a result, rain and drought are seen.

So we all need to plant more and more trees. Everyone should be aware of the need for tree plantations. Public and private institutions should emphasize tree-planting programs. Mass media activities can play a great role in creating public awareness about tree plantations.

Tree Plantation Paragraph In 200 Words

Tree plantations mean planting a large number of trees. Trees are very important in our lives. Our existence is unimaginable without trees. Trees are used in many ways in our day-to-day lives. We need oxygen to survive. Trees provide us with oxygen. It gives us food and fruit. We get wood from trees. Using wood, we make houses, furniture, boats, launches, ships, etc. If trees are planted along the banks of rivers and seas, soil erosion can be prevented. It contributes to maintaining environmental equilibrium. If there are no trees, the country becomes a desert. Many medicines are prepared from the leaves, roots, and bark of trees. But the forest is insufficient compared to the total land area of our country. Also, some greedy people are destroying the forest by cutting trees for their own selfishness. This destruction is disturbing the balance of our environment. When the equilibrium of the environment is disturbed, parasites like us gradually disappear.

So, the government should take the necessary steps. It is hoped that the government, in collaboration with various donor agencies, will conduct a tree plantation program every year. Together with the government, we also should be conscious of the importance of planting trees.

Tree Plantation Paragraph In 200 Words

Tree plantations refer to the planting of trees on a large scale. Trees are our friends. They provide shade, fruits, and wood for furniture, doors, windows, boats, etc. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They also provide us with rubber. Trees provide adequate rainfall, prevent drought, and reduce soil erosion. There is no alternative to planting trees to preserve the natural balance and to survive. But instead of planting trees, we are destroying natural forests by indiscriminately cutting down trees. As a result, the environment of our country is also threatened today. According to environmental experts, it is imperative for a country to have 25% forest cover. But compared to that, our forest land is very small. For this reason, floods and droughts are increasing in our country. Events like earthquakes and landslides are also happening. Environmental scientists say that if this continues, the temperature will increase, the water level will also rise, and the coastal areas will be submerged.

To protect the world from this terrible danger, tree planting should be done. Tree plantation campaigns should be carried out everywhere, in villages and towns, cities, and ports. Mass media like newspapers, TV, and radio can play an essential role in encouraging people to plant trees.

Tree Plantation Paragraph In 300 Words +

Our world is a land of infinite beauty. The world has become lush with greenery. The contribution of trees to keeping this world cool and habitable is undeniable. Again, trees fulfill most of the basic needs of people to live well. Therefore, the importance of trees in human life is immense. Without trees, human existence on earth would be endangered. So trees are man’s most beneficial friend. As they benefit us with food, clothing, shelter, and health, our hearts and minds are overwhelmed by their beauty. The beneficial aspects of the tree cannot be overstated. Trees are our silent friends. The tree keeps us alive by absorbing toxic carbon dioxide from the earth and providing oxygen. Plants control the weather and climate of a country. It maintains the balance of the environment. Above all, trees protect homes from storms and other natural disasters.

But it is very unfortunate that, despite the many beneficial aspects of trees, due to ignorance and a lack of awareness, people in our country feel free to cut the trees down and destroy the entire forest. It is said that 25 percent of the total land area should be forested to maintain the natural balance of a country. But it is a matter of great regret that our country has so little forest land, which is very inadequate compared to the country’s needs. Therefore, natural disasters have already occurred in Bangladesh. Indiscriminate deforestation has caused the greenhouse effect not only in Bangladesh but also around the world. The world’s environment today is disturbed and threatened. Forests are being destroyed due to a lack of adequate initiative in government forestry, the cultivation of land according to the needs of an increasing population, the provision of housing and household equipment, illegal logging by illegal traders, etc.

However, immediate action is required to protect the tree from these destructions. Protecting trees means protecting our lives. To make the tree plantation campaign successful, the people should also come forward along with the government. Mass media such as radio, television, and poster distribution can play a great role in creating public awareness about tree plantations.

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