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Our School Magazine Paragraph In 150, 200, 250 Words

Our School Magazine Paragraph

Our School Magazine Paragraph In 150 Words

A school magazine is a mirror of a school. It is an annual publication of a school. A committee is formed to organize the magazine. Our headmaster is the chairman, and a teacher works as an advisor to the committee. The editor, assistant editor, and proofreader are selected among the students. Through the magazine, students and teachers can get an opportunity to show their creative abilities. Our school magazine includes stories, poems, essays, creative activities, co-curricular activities, etc. The editor collects writing from teachers and students. After proper editing, the best writings are selected and sent to the press for publication and printing.

A school magazine has many benefits. It helps students increase their knowledge and creativity. It plays an important role in developing their talent. In fact, it enriches the student’s learning. A school magazine also creates a positive image of the college among the public. So, every school should have a school magazine.

Our School Magazine Paragraph In 150 Words

A school magazine is a collection of literary works. It is printed and published by the magazine committee. It is an annual publication of our school. The school authority bears the total cost of the magazine. Our school magazine has two sections, Bangla and English. The headmaster is the chief patron of the magazine. A student in our class was selected as an editor. He was nominated by the headmaster. Other students work on the editorial board. Our school magazine contains writings by the students and the teachers. Our school magazine includes poems, stories, history, science, and more. A school magazine has many benefits. It helps students develop their latent talent as well as their thinking and writing skills. I am an active member of our school magazine and write articles every year. I feel so happy and enthusiastic when I see my own writing in our school magazine.

Our School Magazine Paragraph In 180 Words

A school magazine contains literary activities and information about a school. It is published once a year. In our school, we have a school magazine. A magazine committee of nine members was constituted in a general meeting for its smooth publication. The members of this committee are the chief editor, assistant editor, commercial editor, adviser, etc. The head teacher holds the position of chairman, and a senior teacher becomes the advisor. Editors and commercial editors are selected from among students. A magazine fund is formed from school magazine fees. The editor invites submissions in Bengali and English. Then the good articles are selected for publication through proper screening.

Generally, the magazine has two parts: Bengali and English. The headmaster and school secretary have speeches in the magazine. It also contains annual information, essays, short stories, plays, word puzzles, etc. Most of the topics are written by the students, and some are provided by the teachers. A school magazine promotes group enthusiasm and encourages young students to express their writing and thinking talents. It helps them develop as future writers and poets.

Short Paragraph On A School Magazine

The school magazine contains literary works and other information about the school. Every year, our school brings out a wonderful magazine called School Campus. There is a committee to bring out the magazine properly. The committee has nine members. The committee members are the chairman, advisor, editor, assistant editor, proofreader, etc. Our head teacher acts as the chairman, and an experienced teacher is given the role of advisor. The editor, assistant editor, and proofreader are selected from among the students. Funds are raised from “school magazine fees.” The editor welcomes submissions in Bengali and English. Then the best entries are selected after careful selection.

The magazine contains messages from headmasters and school executives. It also contains annual reports, essays, short stories, poems, plays, etc. School magazines help inculcate team spirit among us. It develops our creativity. It is also a source of great joy to us. There is no limit to our joy in seeing our writings in printed books.

Long Paragraph On A School Magazine In 200 Words

A school magazine is a literary publication published by the school. Like other schools, our school also has a magazine. The name of our magazine is Wisdom House. It is an annual publication. A magazine committee was formed to manage the publication work. Our headmaster is the chairman of the committee and the main sponsor. A teacher works as an advisor. Some of the students on the committee work as editors, assistant editors, proofreaders, etc. The publication cost of the magazine is supported by student and school funds. Our school magazine has both Bengali and English sections. Both the teacher and the student write in it. Our school magazine contains all types of writing, like poems, short stories, essays, reports, short plays, events, special news, etc.

Our school magazine lets us learn about literature, history, culture, and science. It also encourages us to think about new things. It helps us to do creative work. Such learning experiences definitely help students in their future academic careers. It makes them confident and aware. Students are very happy to see their writing in the printed book. Above all, a school magazine is undoubtedly very important to students. So, I think every school should have a school magazine.

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