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Environment Pollution Paragraph In 150 Words & 200 Words

Environment Pollution Paragraph For SSC HSC JSC

Environment Pollution Paragraph In 150 Words

Environmental pollution is a major issue in our modern world. Basically, the environment is our natural atmosphere, and it is very important for our lives. We, humans, are the primary polluters of the environment. There are various types of environmental pollution, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and soil pollution. Factories and the excessive use of chemicals are the reasons behind water pollution. As we use a lot of motor vehicles, this is one of the major causes of noise pollution. Factories produce a lot of polluting gases, which contribute to air pollution. Unnecessary products, such as disposable plastics and harmful chemicals in factories, are mixed into the soil and cause soil pollution. When we are the main cause of this environmental pollution so only we could solve it. The plantation is one of the best solutions. It purifies the air, and the soil and nature become fresh.

Environment Pollution Paragraph In 170 Words

The damage to the purity of anything is called pollution. The pollution of water, land, air, and sound is called environmental pollution. Environmental pollution affects our health and causes various diseases in many ways. Air pollution is caused by smoke from vehicles, chimneys of mills and factories, etc. If we inhale impure air, it will cause great harm to our lungs. Planting trees prevent air pollution. Water is polluted when dirty, poisonous refuse from mills and factories is discharged into rivers. If we pollute the water, it will affect our health. The sounds of the horns of trucks, buses, microphones, and fireworks cause sound pollution. Sound pollution affects our hearing. All of these factors combine to make life difficult.

Environmental pollution has become a major concern for the preservation of our planet. Various measures should be taken to reduce environmental pollution. Some of these include planting trees, reducing the use of non-renewable resources, ensuring proper disposal of waste, etc. It is the responsibility of every person to protect our environment.

Environment Pollution Paragraph In 200 Words+

Nowadays, environmental pollution is one of the most discussed topics in the modern world. Overpopulation is largely responsible for environmental pollution. Due to overpopulation, the number of vehicles and factories is increasing, and they are producing toxic fumes and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that cause air pollution. There are two main types of environmental pollution: water pollution and air pollution. Water is being polluted by industrial waste, pesticides, and other toxic substances. Due to water pollution, we are losing our water resources, especially fish, which is the main source of protein. We have even lost some rivers due to this pollution. Buriganga is one of the most notable. In our cities, the air is constantly polluted by carbon dioxide gas emitted from factories and motor vehicles.

Moreover, the ground we walk on is polluted by garbage. Noise from vehicles and factories causes noise pollution. Thus, the environment is being polluted. Due to all this pollution, we have to suffer from various types of deadly diseases. In fact, the environment is our wealth, so we should not lose the attraction of a polluted environment. Although we cannot stop pollution completely, we can reduce environmental pollution. To control environmental pollution, first of all, we need to make people aware. Then we have to take other necessary steps like throwing garbage and waste in designated dustbins, banning loudspeakers and horns, etc. It is time to save our environment from all this pollution.

Environment Pollution Paragraph In 180 Words

The land, air, water, and all other things around us make up our environment. Environmental pollution means a significant change in the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of the environment. It has become a serious problem in the modern world. In our cities, the air is constantly polluted by carbon dioxide gas emitted from factories and motor vehicles. In both urban and rural areas, the ground we walk on is polluted by uncollected garbage. Water is polluted, especially as a result of untreated sewage. Industrial waste and pesticides pollute water alarmingly. Another type of pollution is noise pollution. Noise from automobiles, factories, airplanes, home appliances, radios, CD players, etc. causes noise pollution. Environmental pollution makes the elements of the environment unsafe for health. In a word, environmental pollution leads to our death.

So to live a happy and healthy life, environmental pollution must be checked. And for this, all types of waste should be properly managed: besides, the use of toxic chemicals should be checked, and noise should be reduced. At the same time, indiscriminate deforestation should be stopped and plantation programs should be increased.

Short Paragraph On Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is a serious problem in the modern world. Our environment is populated mainly by four factors. Water pollution is one of them. People pollute water in many ways. They use chemical fertilizers on the land. Chemical fertilizers pollute water. Industrial waste, human waste, natural climates, unsafe drains and latrines, washing powder, and water vehicles pollute water. Secondly, the air is polluted in many ways. Various vehicles, such as trucks, buses, mills, factories, and brick kilns, produce smoke. This smoke pollutes the air. Thirdly, there is sound pollution. Horns, microphones, vehicles, industries, and loudspeakers cause sound pollution. Finally, the land is populated by different kinds of garbage that we put on it.

Environmental pollution causes many problems for us. Water pollution causes waterborne diseases like cholera and diarrhea. These two diseases often lead to children’s deaths. Air pollution causes pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. The problem of sound pollution is enormous. It also damages your hearing. Environmental pollution must be controlled. We have to raise public awareness.

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